2010 Georgetown Energy & Cleantech Conference

Energy at the Intersection of Business and Policy

Saturday, September 18, 2010          Rafik Hariri Building, Georgetown University

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This year’s conference theme reflects the state of the energy industry. Both renewables and traditional fossil fuels are at a crossroads.

Still in its infancy, the renewable energy industry is heavily dependent on favorable legislation for its survival. Fossil fuel energy providers must prepare for an eventual carbon-constrained future. On the international arena, countries are fighting for dominance in developing new technologies. Businesses must struggle with uncertainty as they prepare for various scenarios dictated by policy.

The conference is open to undergraduate and graduate students and professionals wishing to explore the these issues and to network.  Students in particular will have an opportunity to learn about possible functional paths within the industry and to get mentored by professionals.

Georgetown University

Situated at the hub of global business and political power in Washington, DC, Georgetown University is uniquely positioned to host leading minds in business and policy.  Georgetown’s academic program address law, business, policy, with a special emphasis on global trends. 

Georgetown Energy & Clean Tech club is additionally partnering with colleagues from George Washington University, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and University of Maryland to bring together the next generation of leaders in the entire DC Metro Area.

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Image courtesy of Mendo Coast Current