2011 Georgetown Energy & Cleantech Conference

World Events Transforming Energy Business and Policy

Friday, September 2, 2011           Rafik Hariri Building, Georgetown University

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Political unrest in the Middle East, green movements in Europe and the United States, economic growth in China and India, and natural and environmental disasters all have one thing in common: these events and movements will have profound effects on the energy industry as it currently stands.  The ability to understand current practices and policies and anticipate the outcomes will be a defining difference of successful businesses and governments.

Georgetown University

Situated at the hub of global business and political power in Washington, DC, Georgetown University is uniquely positioned to host leading minds in business and policy.  Georgetown’s academic program address law, business, policy, with a special emphasis on global trends. 

Partnerships with colleagues from George Washington University, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and University of Maryland will bring together the next generation of leaders in the entire DC Metro Area.


Georgetown Energy & Cleantech Conference is part of Social Impact Week, August 29 - September 2